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Best Airsoft YouTubers

If you’re anything like us, you probably consume a lot of airsoft content on YouTube. 

And why not? Watching gameplay videos always gets us pretty pumped and eager to get back out onto the field. Once constrained to a handful of elite few, there are now tons of high-quality channels putting out engaging gameplay content, no matter what style of game you enjoy.

With that being said, we figured it’d be useful to put together a list of our favorite airsoft YouTubers to help you dive right on down the rabbit hole.

Jet Desertfox

The Desertfox himself! Jet’s the largest airsoft channel on youtube for a good reason, and if you’ve been playing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of him. Also, one of the longest-running “professional” players around, Jet’s channel does a fantastic job of showcasing many different types of gameplay and the versatility of airsoft as a whole.

From fast-paced CQB speedsoft games to long-range sniper killcam compilations at milsim events, one of our favorite parts of Jet’s channel is that he’s actually good at airsoft. Which, you’d hope for in someone that’s been doing it for as long as he has, but we’re always blown away by how exciting his gameplay footage is to actually sit down and watch. You certainly won’t be bored!

Jet also does a small review series called straight outta the box, giving you his honest opinions about all sorts of guns and gear without the fluff. If a gun straight sucks, he’ll let you know. 


If you’ve ever seen footage of airsoft sniper gameplay hosted on a non-airsoft website, it was almost certainly a Novritsch compilation. That’s just how good the dude is at sniping – even the normies love it!

Novritsch is legitimately a fantastic airsoft sniper, and the content he produces is top-notch. Perhaps one of the first YouTubers to rig his entire sniper rifle with multiple cameras that capture both POV scopecam headshots and his own third-person movements, Novritsch videos give you a true sense of the fieldcraft required to make an excellent airsoft marksman work. A good airsoft sniper should have both a rifle that’s upgraded to suit his or her particular needs, but many folks underestimate the stealth, stalking, and athletic ability that really kick a mediocre sniper up to the next level.

He’s also got his own line of guns and gear!

Unicorn Leah

One of the most unique channels in the airsoft world–Leah offers both a good mix of silly pickup game fun and psuedo-realistic faux war journalism filmed from the roleplayed POV of a war correspondent embedded in the front lines during some of the more hardcore milsim events. Have you ever thought you’d be sucked into what is essentially airsoft fake news? You will be!

Leah does a great job at capturing two sides of the coin most milsim minded players tend to occupy. You need to know when to let your guard down and get reeally into the roleplay aspect of the event, and you also need to make sure that you’re still having fun and not taking things too seriously.

The utter surreality of the insurgency events capture this aesthetic perfectly, as what is essentially a third world war is shown to be kicked off by an attack on a gay wedding in Chechnya.

No really. Go watch it. 

Airsoft Alfonse

If you’ve ever wanted to watch an inexplicably swole man destroy airsoft nerds with a support weapon while making quiet internet meme jokes to himself, Alfonse is your dude.

The guy’s got a unique flair, visual style and sense of humor that’s quite appreciated. Not super serious, but seriously super. The smattering of movie clips and weird e-humor is enough to keep even the most ADD-addled mind tuned in, and the videogame style overlays are oddly satisfying. Give this thicc boy some love!  


Generally focused more on multiple POV compilation shots of hardcore milsim events set to obscure Slavic power tracks, Oxide’s videos have a cinematic flair that complements the dramatic, 40-hour scenario gameplay settings he films them within. He’s recently started producing a series of how-to videos explaining some of the finer points of leadership and platoon level gameplay mechanics often found at larger milsim events, and there’s plenty of war thunder and other videogame content to keep you busy for a few hours if you’ve got some time to kill.

Oh, also there’s an anime body pillow execution video because, above all else, airsoft is weird. 

Swamp Sniper

While the name might lead you to believe this is yet another sniper gameplay-based channel, Christopher’s content runs the gamut, and while rad long-range kills are definitely a good chunk of the channel, this is the first YouTuber we’ve run across that’s got LARP-based Cowboy-themed content. Consider us subscribed.

The Swamp Sniper owns and runs his own field in Virginia called Ballahack, and if you’ve ever wanted some detailed shots of the field’s layout, you’ll find plenty of them within his videos! 

What do you think?

So that’s it four our favorites. Now we know just how we waste so much time on the internet.

Who’s your favorite 6mm YouTube dork? Did we miss anyone you think should be here? Post up your faves below! While you’re at it, don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook!

Rory Saváge

Hailing from the quiet suburbs and endless cornfields of the midwest, Rory was first introduced to the world of airsoft via backyard springer games with friends over 15 years ago. Since then, an ever-deepening love for all things BB larp has been a constant background in Rory’s life, eventually transforming into a desire to continually push the envelope of what milsim-based airsoft can be. Rory remains a regular milsim player to this day, often attending large-scale national events designed to push the player to their limits through physical exertion and immersive, narrative-driven environments, and thoroughly enjoys helping new folks go deeper down the larperator rabbit hole.

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