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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles [2023]: All Levels, All Budgets

It’s no secret that a ton of us probably became interested in the world of airsoft via the often romanticized portrayal of the role of the sniper in action and war movies–but diving headfirst into the world of airsoft sniper rifles expecting to get your Tom Berenger on is likely going to end in disappointment.

The fact of the matter is, there are a ton of 6mm sniper rifles on the market that just aren’t worth the time, money, or effort – which is why we’ve put together this handy cheat sheet to make sure you don’t get burned!

Summary of Our Top Picks

  1. Easiest to Upgrade

    JG VSR-10/BAR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

    Lots of upgrades, compatibility

  2. Best Mid-Tier

    AMOEBA "Striker" S1 Gen2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

    Good for news or seasonsed players

  3. Best Budget Option for Newbies

    Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

    Good entry level rifle, affordable

  4. Best for Experienced Airsofters

    Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Mock Suppressor

    Ability to tinker with it, best for those who've been around

First Things First: A Word of Caution

As mentioned, many newer players will want to use a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle as a way to get into the game, and in our opinion, that isn’t the best way to go about things for a variety of reasons.

Airsoft bolt action
A little somethin’ like this bolt action.

First off, you’re likely going to be outgunned by the majority of other players on the field, as you’ve got a platform that will require you to manually cycle the action before firing again. That isn’t to say that sniper rifles aren’t useful–they absolutely are an asset in the hands of a more experienced player–but you’ll likely have to rely on stealth, fieldcraft, and patience just as much as your BB gat to play the role effectively.

Airsoft rifles with scopes
Scoped M4 build

Additionally, most airsoft sniper rifles are going to come hitting a bit low FPS-wise, although many models nowadays are pre-upgraded. Point being, if you’re thinking about getting into the world of airsoft sniping, you should be prepared to invest in some upgrade components down the road as well!

Still with us? Great! ONWARD.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles (Hands Down!)

1. JG BAR-10 Spring Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

JG’s BAR-10 is perhaps one of the longest-running popular models of airsoft sniper rifles and for good reason! A recurring theme in this particular BB niche is that of parts compatibility.

The most successful airsoft sniper rifles likely share parts compatibility with a handful of existing designs that have been around for decades–and thus enjoy a wide array of upgrade components that should play nicely with the internals of your rifle.

The JG BAR-10 is just such a rifle! Based on the original Tokyo Marui VSR-10 design, that’s become one of the industry standards for bolt action spring sniper rifles, meaning that you’ve got a whole host of upgrade options should you decide to really push this gun to its limits.

HOWEVER, this particular BAR-10 is pre-upgraded by the Evike techs, featuring a full metal trigger box assembly that’s adjustable for pull and break, a polished aluminum cylinder with a brass cylinder head and nozzle to ensure you’ve got the compression necessary for repeatable, accurate follow-up shots, and included mounts for both optics up top and a bipod down below.

Easiest to Upgrade
at Evike

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons

Hitting over 400 feet per second straight outta the box (and with numerous scope and bipod packages available to boot), the JG BAR-10 is one of the strongest options on the market for players who want a taste of what playing the sniper’s role might be like, without dropping a small fortune on some of the more high-end guns and upgrades on the market.

If you need that quick fix–this one’s for you!

2. AMOEBA Striker Gen 2 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle

While a relative newcomer to the bolt gun game, the AMOEBA Striker is a serious middle-road contender that’s great for both newer and more experienced players alike! Featuring a sleek and contemporary polymer chassis available in a variety of color options, the Striker is no joke when it comes to performance.

While its unique design means it’s not immediately compatible with the previously mentioned VSR/BAR-10 style upgrade components, the Striker enjoys a whole host of first-party aftermarket accessories that make it a serious contender for upgradability! Hitting right around 400 FPS with .20g BBs, the Amoeba Striker is capable of accepting AEG springs to directly alter your velocity on the fly.

Best Mid-Tier
at Evike

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons

Combined with a 55-round magazine, Amoeba’s short-pull bolt technology, and deeply adjustable stock, the Amoeba Striker is sure to put a smile on the face of grizzled players and newcomers alike!

3. WELL/Shadow OPS L96

Another entry in the category of legacy spring sniper rifles that share a huge back catalog of parts compatibility, the WELL L96 traces its lineage way back to the original Maruzen APS L96–which has been cloned by various manufacturers countless times at this point.

While not all upgrades for this type of sniper rifle can be guaranteed to work flawlessly due to slight aberrations in designs and molds cropping up over time, there are plenty of quick-swap upgrade components available currently that have been verified to work–you just might not be able to tweak performance as specifically as you might like.

If that’s not an issue for you, then read on! The WELL L96 features the iconic thumbhole stock design found on many European bolt rifles–perhaps most notably in pop culture, resembling the silhouette of Counter Strike’s notorious AWP.

Best Budget Option for Newbies
at Evike

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons

Hitting anywhere from 400-450 in its stock configuration, the L96 packs a decent punch, and is a great option for newer players on a budget who primarily stick to mid-range engagements at more open-ended or wooded outdoor fields. Featuring a lug to mount an included tri-rail up front, you’ve got a quick option for tossing on a bipod, lights, and lasers as well!

4. Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec

While Marui is one of the oldest brands in the game at this point, whose designs have been cloned endlessly by other manufacturers, the fact that they’re still alive and kicking despite the abundance of lower-cost options utilizing the same technology and schematics speaks volumes about Marui’s legendary reputation for quality.

While the VSR-10 is the original spring-powered bolt action airsoft rifle that options like JG’s BAR-10 are built on, many folks still choose to pursue the route of durability, and Tokyo Marui products are certainly nothing else if not durable!

The sharp reader will likely notice that the VSR-10’s muzzle velocity is a bit low compared to other options on the list, and this has to do with Japanese domestic laws regarding legal energy output in joules for airsoft guns. However, for the more experienced player who perhaps has a taste for what it takes to be an effective sniper at medium or large-size events, starting from scratch with a Marui VSR-10 is a great way to ensure that you’ve got an incredibly sturdy base to build a downright beastly sniper rifle on – customizing each component along the way!

Best for Experienced Airsofters
at Evike

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons

The Marui VSR-10 includes a standard Picatinny rail up top for attaching optics and included a mock suppressor to boot–complimenting its thicker profile “bull” style barrel quite nicely.

For the experienced player who’s got a need to tinker with everything they own, we have no doubt that the TM VSR-10 is gonna serve your upgrade platform desires admirably.

5. Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech HTI Bullpup Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

While most of the rifles on this list carry the familiar contours of what’s probably pretty identifiable as a legacy “sniper rifle” silhouette, Silverback Airsoft takes a definite step towards modernity with their spring-powered replica of Desert Tech’s Hard Target Interdictor–a bullpup bolt action rifle aiming to shrink the stopping power of a .50 caliber rifle down to something about the size of an M16.

With a high-quality polymer stock with multiple adjustments for user comfort, such as the cheek rest and built-in monopod, the HTI delivers high-powered, modular performance in a compact package thanks to its bullpup configuration that places the magazine behind the trigger group itself. An adjustable barrel system and fine-tuneable hop up mean that you’ve got options when it comes to choosing both your HTI’s overall length and BB flight path!

Best Bullpup
at Evike

Prices accurate at time of writing

Prices accurate at time of writing

Available Coupons

The HTI’s compression straight out of the box is also downright impressive, ensuring that you’ve got a reliable action that’s harnessing a powerful air seal to produce accurate, repeatable follow-up shots.

Hitting right around 400 FPS or so, the HTI uses a 30 round magazine that detaches for fast reloads if you’ve got spares on hand. For the mid-high end enthusiast looking to snag something that’s going to turn heads as easily as it tags them with BBs, we reckon you’ll be pretty stoked on the Silverback Deserttech HTI!


And there you have it! Our favorite picks for all your airsoft sniping needs. Whether you’re a beginner or ready to upgrade to your next new gat, something on this list will serve you well.

Soon, this could be you!

Which one is catching your eye? Do you own any of the rifles on our list? Want one? Drop us a comment below and tell us all about it! Since you’re here, you might also want to check out the Best Airsoft Scopes, too.

7 thoughts on “Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles [2023]: All Levels, All Budgets

  1. Good article, a bit outdated but a good review of your top 5. Personally, I would have liked to see a more comprehensive list. Even at the time the article has been written have been a handfull of new sniper riles that can arguably rival the likes of JG and TM. Having own both the JG and TM’s I can say they are amazingly reliable and effective, after modiication. I will also say they are longer my top rifles since buying and playing with newer rifles. I would like to have seen a few more such as Novritsch and ASG just to name a few. I can attest taht Novritsch, with the release of the SSG10, A1, A2 and A3, has absolutely addressed a lot of the issues the JG and TM VSR’s have, while not having to modify them out of the box.

    If you’re going to review more, I would also look at his SSG24 amazing rifle and like most rifles, even better after modifications. The Silverback Desert Tech SRS A2 and the SRS A2 are in my top 3 out of the box riles with the new Silverback Tac-41 topping the number one spot on my list. I would love to see the Amoeba Striker on your list as well as the Maple Leaf MLC 338. The Maple Leaf is a Mcmillan style rilfe similar to that of the BBTac, ASG and Tokyo Maruai Styled M40A series of Airsoft Sniper Rifles.

    I have used my Tanaka for a decade before trying the JG and TM versions of a Remington M700. I didn’t want to try anything else because I had moded those rifles perfectly after many years of tinkering with parts. It took me a long time to buy something else. I played with some AEG’s which helped to change my idea of fun in airsoft, only to find that I missed sniping. I bought the Silverback Desert Tech SRS a few years back and it just completely opened my eyes to change, it revived my love for sniping in airsoft. When Novrtisch came out with their M700 replica versions, I bought and tried them as each had come out. Basically, I would not ever look back to my TM or JG rifle. Novrtistch was a VSR 10 on steroids, out of the box at the time it was amazing, still I would of course modify it to make it very quiet and even more reliable with it’s accuracy. When the TAC41 recenty came out, I was stunned, I can’t believe that anyone could come close to what the Novritsch was providing out of the box and I could never imagine Silverback topping their own SRS creation.

    My current Top ten:
    1. Silverback Tac41
    2. Silverback Desert Tech SRS A2
    3. Novritsch SSG10 A2 (A moded version of JG/TM VSR 10 out of the box)
    4. Novrtisch SSG10 A1
    5. JG VSR-10 / BAR-10
    6. Novritsch SSG24
    7. TM VSR 10 G-Spec
    8. Tanaka M700
    9. Amoeba Striker AS-02
    10. AAC T10-S RG

    I look forward to an updated review and list.

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  3. you have amazing picks for the snipers but mostly of them particularly top 5 are the best for professionals so it would be tough to operate if you are beginner.

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